Magic Wands, Wishes and Prayers

I thought this post by Laurie F. was really thought and memory provoking.

CLick on the link to read what Laurie’s Magic Wand Wishes are:  “If I Had A Magic Wand”By hibernationnow

Laurie’s post flashed me back to when I was about 7.  Every night I wished, I begged, I prayed for World Peace.  This was the 1950″s when Russia was the United States’ arch enemy and they had developed the atomic bomb.

At school we didn’t just have fire drills we had DUCK & COVER drills.  Teachers would instruct us to go into the cloak room – a walled-off part of every classroom where students hung their coats and jackets, there were no windows, and duck down on the floor putting our heads down and cover our heads with our arms. If there wasn’t enough time to go into the cloak room we were to duck under our desks, This way we would be safe when the Russians dropped an atomic bomb.
A siren would randomly go off about once a month and we ducked & covered, never knowing if this was a drill or the real thing.

Sounds rather ludicrous now but in 1950 it was taken seriously.

I was terrified.  There was always this lurking threat of the unknown that could separate me from my parents forever.

Every night I would lie in bed trying to figure out where I would go to duck & cover if I weren’t at school but at home.  We didn’t have a cloak closet but we did have a separate cellar in the back yard covered by a huge wooden door.  I had never gone down the steps into the cellar, too scary – pitch black, smelling of must and mold, covered with spider webs and the spiders who made their home there.  I was more afraid of going down into the seller than the bomb.

Running out of safe places I would beg God every night to make world peace. But it was all too overwhelming to a 7-year-old so I stopped praying.

Instead I started praying and wishing for a bicycle.  So I saved and saved all the money I ever received as a birthday present in a savings account.  When I was 9 I got a Schwinn bicycle,

Now I pray for world peace.

One comment on “Magic Wands, Wishes and Prayers

  1. Going to grade school in the mid-1960s, I remember duck and coverage-type exercises, being taught to run home should we be outside when the nukes were coming. We lived in Ottawa, Ontario at the time; considered a likely target as this was the home of the Canadian parliament and Armed Forces headquarters. So, there was always a feeling of anxiety; didn’t help that my father was in the Army.
    One day, on my way home from school, the sirens started to wail. I panicked, got stuck in the mud, and had to be carried home by the school janitor as we couldn’t retreive my shoes. Years later, going through my dad’s huge collection of books, I found a pamphlet on how to build a backyard bomb shelter, what sort and amounts of food you should stock it with, take iodine or somthing to counteract fall out.
    Those were scarey times. I don’t remember the doomsday clock, but as a small child, I would have been convinced the hands were almost on 12:00. Of course, in many ways, the world is a more dangerous nuke zone: small rogue states with nuke capabilities versus the big 2 the USA and the USSR.


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