Fishy Fishy Walk on Land

I feel a fish-post coming on!

Fishy fishy in a brook

Papa catch ’em with a hook

Mama fry ’em in a pan

Baby eat ’em like a man


Fishy Fishy walk on land

Papa bury head in sand

Mama go get aquarium

Baby now, vegetarian

For those new to my blog, “fish” is the single biggest – DAILY – word search hit.  To amuse myself I routinely drive up the hits with more FANTASTIC Fishy Facts. (This was the post that naively started it all: Butterfly Fish and the Singles Scene)

Hey, don’t tell me YOU don’t think mudskippers aren’t FANTASTICALLY fascinating! 


4 comments on “Fishy Fishy Walk on Land

  1. Oh….I just found out Mudskippers and Mudpuppies, are two different things. Similar, but not the same.
    and Mudskippers do not bark, and really are amphibious fish!!! How cool!

    Now I know much more, about Mudskippers, and Mudpuppies. Both of which still kind of give me the willies but are very interesting indeed.


  2. I think they are the same thing we call Mudpuppies here. They are native to North Carolina. They are actually a type of a salamander, but everyone calls them a fish.
    and they make a funny barking type sound.
    it’s funny…I loved it as a kid.
    as an adult it kind of creeps me out a bit…but then I get over it and the kid in me comes out and I get all interested.
    But I still won’t touch one.

    I respect nature….yeah, that’s it….it has nothing to do with the fact that they are just ewww. not what I want to touch….but they are so cool.

    It’s very sad when we have a drought here, they come out of the dry lakes and river looking for water and dying. The Eno River Foundation will go and try to keep water in their habitat or catch them and keep them alive until the rains come.
    We have a pretty good community…except the Pepsi plant used too much or our water. and the lake isn’t deep enough….duh. If I could change the world….or even my own back yard. I try when I vote, but it hasn’t happened yet.

    but I do love Mudpuppies….yip!


  3. In honor of the Lent season, and because my Hubby is a devout Catholic, I must cook some fish thingy for dinner every Friday. Last week was tuna casserole and they inhaled it. Tomorrow I will try to cook somthing different and see if it drives up my hits!


    • Mo,
      Guaranteed to drive up hits. Feel free to plagiarize any of my fishy posts (you don’t even need to give me credit) to see what happens. It’s quite amusing for me to see how many people are looking for FISH FACTS and the search engines show my blog!

      Have you ever made a Mudskipper Kabob?


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