Sleep Paralysis

Sleep paralysis

God gets our full attention

Someday you’ll know why

“Sleep paralysis is a feeling of being conscious but unable to move. It occurs when a person passes between stages of wakefulness and sleep. During these transitions, you may be unable to move or speak for a few seconds up to a few minutes.”  WebMD

Sleep Paralysis AKA
“The Old Hag”

Throughout history, demons, devils, and other beasties of the night have been blamed for these nocturnal ‘attacks’.  In some parts “The Old Hag” was blamed

“The main details remain constant across cultures: A man or woman is “attacked” during the night, usually lying on their back, when an evil entity sits upon their body, causes paralysis, and even sometimes chokes or smothers its victim. Though their motivation may differ, (possession, revenge, or just wanting to upset the living) the attack remains similar. 

  • In Thailand people refer to being Phi um (ghost covered) and phi kau (ghost possessed), which include a feeling of pressure, paralysis, and something black covering the body.
  • In Japan, kanashibara (“to tie with an iron rope”) is a common known and accepted experience.
  • In the Far North one speaks of agumangia (Inupik) or ukomiarik (Yupik) in which “a soul” tries to take possession of the paralyzed victim.
  • In Laos, da chor is described as follows: “You want to listen, you can’t hear; you want to speak, you are dumb; you want to call out, you cannot; you feel you are dying, dying; you want to run away. You piss with fear in your sleep””

 excerpts from The Shadowlands

My belief is that nothing we experience is accidental and everything we experience is for our protection, survival or enhancement of our soul.  

When we don’t understand it we try to avoid it, kill it and/or explain it away through ignorance or superstition.  

Pain is a #1 example.

What’s your belief?

25 comments on “Sleep Paralysis

  1. God can be utterly mysterious, and man scrambles to explain it away with his science. Thailand is big on ghosts. The other day a student told me one lift in Bldg 18 was haunted. I’m in Humanities; adhere to scientific analysis; still gets scared and I can’t think of any theory to explain the fear away.


  2. Strangely enough, I read a scientific explanation for this just last week. It’s such a coincidence that you mentioned it today. I have experienced this a couple of times and the memory remains vivid. Let me know if you would like to know what science has to say about this.


  3. Judy…Life is always on our side…in every form…all that happens is takes us forward…evolution is the key….Thanks for sharing this..

    You will do well I know…for God is attentive too..



  4. What do you mean, “what do I think?” I think, no wait for it, I KNOW you are scaring me to pieces and I am in no way feeling peachy but afraid…for YOU. Perhaps you might consider getting yourself to the ER and NOT by DRIVING YOURSELF. In the US we consider this means for concern. Much love from your fraudulent, peachy, daughter, Laurie F. Westerfield p.s. please write back ASAP


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