The Year of the Fairy Tale X 100

Forty-one (41) “flowers”, only FIFTY-NINE (59) to go . . . 

DSCN5578 DSCN5580 DSCN5581

(can’t find the sheet with my first 13 – I swear! I swear! I SWEAR!  I DID DO 13 MORE “flowers”)

2 comments on “The Year of the Fairy Tale X 100

  1. Here are some inspirational Colorado flowers…sorry, don’t have any current ones though the 50 Daffodil bulbs I planted last year are starting to peek through the permafrost (it didn’t hit 30 today – brrrr).

    Also, saw a cool thing on CBS Sunday Morning show about a jewelry designer named David Webb – very cool/artistic/whimsical stuff, especially the collections he did for famous/movie people in the 60’s… – look him up!

    David Webb Jewelry


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