A whale of a tale

For 30 years I’ve lived about 10 minutes from Dana Point  15 minutes from San Clemente ( about 25,000 miles from Hawaii)  AND this video is the closest I’ve gotten to whale/dolphin watching.  Go figure . . .

“Dave Anderson, who runs whale-watching charters out of Dana Point, Calif., used a small camera-equipped drone to capture video of a “mega-pod” of hundreds of common dolphins as well as three gray whale migrating off the coast of San Clemente. In a separate sortie, the drone returned footage of a family of humpback whales off of Maui.”

“Anderson, who runs Capt Dave’s Dolphin and Whale Safari produced the footage into this stunning five-minute video.”

According to AOL Travel:

“He filmed off a small inflatable boat, launching and catching the quadcopter drone by hand, risking injury from the four propeller blades or loss of the drone.”

“He actually lost one drone in January on takeoff when it nicked his small VHF radio antenna on the 14-foot rigid inflatable he was filming from and it went into the water.”  (ouch – those camera equipped drones are expensive)

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