A Look into my Sketch Book

My inspiration for owl sketches is the LIVE feed where the mama owl is sitting on her nest in a hollowed out tree. Click here to see for yourself Audubon California Starr Ranch Live Feed.  (There isn’t a lot of action during the day.  Mom is a night owl.)


Still picture from live feed

Non-dominant hand pencil sketches

Non-dominant hand pencil sketches

4 comments on “A Look into my Sketch Book

    • Aeeeeeeeeeda,
      Try looking at a picture and draw with your left hand – look more at the picture than at your drawing. Trust me, the more you do it the better you get. More importantly, it’s fun cuz you know it can’t be a good likeness/a perfect picture NO MATTER what you do so the inner critic sulks in the corner.
      I click on mama owl periodically and see her get on and off the leg, leave the nest for food. Otherwise, it’s sometimes watching a pot of water boil!


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