Long Lost Ancestors of Blob Critters

My Blob Critters have never before been seen by humans (you are the FIRST) and are an unidentified species. It appears that their long-lost ancestors  live on the bottom of the Gulf of Mexico   

(Using high-def camera of a submersible, the scientists captured footage of parts of the ocean floor never before seen by humans, including ancient shipwrecks, unidentified species, and rare geology Okeanos Explorer.) 

Take a look at 9 more pictures.  

Dumbo Octopus

A Dumbo Octopus

Blob Critters, by moi

Blob Critters, by moi (They are not dumb)

Thanks IDA!!!!!!

8 comments on “Long Lost Ancestors of Blob Critters

  1. This is amazing photography at over 400 ft.! I would love to be that photographer. With Dumbo being the exception, the rest are beautiful. They also have a youtube channel. The one on the Sangithe Talaud region is particularly good. http://1.usa.gov/1gbFyCj

    Your Blob Critters are Wonderful!! They have such soulful eyes:)
    They’re my new Desktop:)


  2. Very Dr. Seuss-ish creatures – may need a Seuss-y caption for whatever it is they are doing/contemplating! They also somewhat resemble the VERY rare “Ghost Shark” (Google it, one was caught and photographed recently).

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