Year of the Fairy Tale – Dance the Night Away

The last fairy tale The Twelve Brothers was too morbid for me too much pathos – but The Twelve Dancing Princesses is my kinda story!

The Twelve Princesses are 12 very sneaky princesses.  Every night they secretly leave their castle to dance to dawn until their shoes are worn out and then they sneak back to bed.  The only evidence every morning is a pile of their worn-through shoes . . . .

Mixed media, pastel and pencil, The 12 Dancing Princesses
Mixed media, pastel chalk and pencil, The 12 Dancing Sneaky Princesses
Pencil sketch

Pencil sketch of One Dancing Princess – won’t show her face

because she’s sneaky

Want to read the story?  Click HERE





4 comments on “Year of the Fairy Tale – Dance the Night Away

    • Suchled,
      After reading your last poem I understand why you would love “sneaky princesses”! (For those of you who are curious here’s the beginning of a poem that made me smile:

      When God created Adam

      He sat back with a smile

      “I think I’ve done enough for now.

      I’ll rest here for a while.”

      But then he started thinking,

      “Is there something I left out.

      Yes. I forgot a help mate

      For Adam. There’s no doubt.”


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