Healthy Chocolate Cake – 2 (or 3) ingredients!

My motto: Never, ever give up on healthy eating when it comes to chocolate!

Brownie mix and pumpkin . . .  well you’ll have to read my first attempt 3 ingredients to Eat Healthier and lose cravings . . .  not so delectable.  So back to Google and trying cake mix instead of brownie mix.  I also used an ORGANIC brand of pumpkin but the “batter” was so stiff I couldn’t stir it.  So I plopped in an ORGANIC egg . . .  and of course, flax-seed to make it a COMPLETE health food.

judy, judy pumpkin eater

won’t let one failure beat  her

Duncan Hines, it’s on sale

this time she can’t fail.

ALL organic

ALL organic ingredients

Now she’s got a plan

one egg, organic pumpkin in a can

350 degrees, let it bake

Voila! a chocolate cake

Health Food Chocolate Cake
Health Food Chocolate Cake with organic garnish


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