Bye Bye Summer, are you listening?

I’m jealous . . . I just read Laura’s Art from Trails End last post “Bye Bye Summer, It’s Been Fun”.  Geeeeeeeeeeesh – she went to a week-long poetry workshop, cruised the Rhine River, did art, entertained had house guests, contributed in meaningful ways to others and is writing a poetry book.

My summer:

  • Travel:  Watched HGTV House Hunters International.
  • Entertainment: Watched Golden Girls reruns on late night TV.
  • Accomplishments: Gained 6 pounds, blogged and worked.  
I'm not lisssssssstening . . .

I’m not lisssssssstening . . .

I decided to turn my jealousy into . . .  inspiration.  So I went to the Dana Point Harbor today to remind myself I live in a spectacularly beautiful part of this world. Thanks Laura for booting me out the door!

Dana Point Harbor, California

Dana Point Harbor, California






I'm not lisssssssstening

I’m not lisssssssstening


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