Frankly Freddie: Pudsey’s Got a Partner with Talent

My human being . . .  just can’t get her to twirl and roll over.  She tries but just doesn’t have the talent it takes.  Pudsey is lucky that he has a younger and more limber student.

Pudsey and Ashleigh 

Me, exhausted after trying to teach my HumanBeing to roll over

Me, exhausted after trying to teach my Human Being to roll over

5 comments on “Frankly Freddie: Pudsey’s Got a Partner with Talent

  1. Isn’t Pudsey just tooooooo cute?? Not as cute as Freddie P, of course, but pretty darned cute. I love that video – you are so funny – you’re emails almost always make me smile or laugh out loud – thanx for that!!

    Hope you and Freddie P are well and enjoying Fall.

    Love and hugs, L & R

    On Wed, Sep 24, 2014 at 8:38 PM, Curious to the MAX wrote:


  2. Believe Freddie and Pudsey are likely related, you just need the right music and a cute white dress, the rest is just magic (and a lot of patience and training). Cute act!

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  3. The American version of this show, America’s Got Talent, gave top prize in 2012 to the Olate Dogs. Look them up on UTube.
    Maybe Freddie should check them out, too. He may want to teach his human some other tricks that might be easier than rolling over.


    • Dear Joyce, Human Being,
      I looked at the video of the Olate Dogs. They are obviously very professional and very clever making it look like the human beings were in charge. We Canine Dogs make it look like you human beings are running the show but it’s much harder to create that illusion on stage.

      Freddie Parker Westerfield, CDT
      P.S. I suspect my Human Being knows how to roll over but just refuses to do it on command.

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