HOME on the range warmed over

Gene Autry singing Home, Home on the Range inspired my original Haiku ( posted the last time the prompt was “home”).  For your literary pleasure I’ve added a another “homey” haiku.

Bob the Blobfish sez: "Here she goes again. . ."

Bob the Blobfish sez:
“Here she goes again. . .”

Panic on the Prairie Haiku

Home, home on the range
it’s much more comfortable
when the gas is off

by judy's brain

by judy

When the cold wind blows

be careful warming your buns

by the home fires

5 comments on “HOME on the range warmed over

  1. Love your sketch. My absolute fav cowboy forever, was Roy Rogers. I grew up on a ranch, had a palomino horse like Trigger, in grade school. I had a life size cutout poster of Roy Rogers on my living room wall as an adult, as an Art Piece!


  2. This is an interesting interpretation of prompt Judy.. I liked it all the way…I liked the sketch very much .. a hair-raising experience that..

    And thanks for your constant inspiration…



  3. Due to extreme weather here yesterday, I’m inclined to Haiku Home Home on the Range (with a bit of liberty in the 3rd line)

    Hail, hail on the roof
    Hope that the windows don’t break
    Rainbow healed shredded plants


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