EXCELLENT presentation on Brain research & Chronic Pain conditions – Stanford University

If you have a brain in your head WATCH this!   Important information for everyone, whether or not you or anyone you know has a chronic pain condition (including – MCS, irritable Bowell, TMJ, Interstitial Cystitis, Back pain etc.).  It’s well worth your time.

Although the focus is fibromyalgia Sean Mackey, M.D., Ph.D explains how the emotions, the workings of the brain impact our physical well-being.

His presentation is 51 minutes long and then takes questions and answers.

Rosemary Lee, Seeking Equilibrium posted this on her excellent blog Seeking Equilibrium.  Rosemary keeps up with the latest research and I highly recommend her blog

4 comments on “EXCELLENT presentation on Brain research & Chronic Pain conditions – Stanford University

  1. From what I’ve seen first hand, pharma and Western medicine approach like these, don’t help these illnesses. I feel psychotropic drugs harm, and at best have bad side effects. There are many natural well known supplements that are equally as effective, with no side effects. This is my opinion from my experience and research. UCLA has an integrative med. clinic, where they treat fibro/cfs. They take insurance. http://cewm.med.ucla.edu/clinic/
    I’ve MCS for 12 yrs. and know dozens of people personally,who have cfs, fibro as well. I know only three people personally, who are symptom free today. All three were helped by brain retraining, which takes a lot of time and work. All three did the Ashok Gupta Therapy more than five years ago. They remain symptom free. I had lost touch with them, and recently found this out. They are now leading productive lives. They are women in their 50-60’s, who had mcs/fibro/csf all their adult lives,and were mostly housebound. They had tried many therapies$$$, including pharma, hypnosis……
    Robin shapiro emdr therapist (http://bit.ly/1m0nYHB), Gupta therapy and Annie Hopper’s dnrsystem all three work on the same protocol in calming the Admigdala.


    • Aeeda-Ida,
      I do agree with what you’ve said. A few things appealed to me about the video. First, the brain research that is being done is exciting and will lead to help for millions of people like you and me with chronic conditions. Secondly, the information about the amygdala and fear/anger and the impact on us physically (not psychologically) is a critical piece of well-being. Third, the multi-discipline approach is important- there isn’t and will probably never be a one-size-fits-all. Fourth, there is a place for science and Western medicine in the mix.

      Most people either do not have the time, the money or the will-power to go with alternative modalities. (That has been demonstrated by Dr Dean Ornish’s replicated study on reversing severe heart disease through programs which involve nutrition, exercise, stress reduction and community. – unless someone is dying or completely debilitating people will not adhere to doing the four prongs). Pharmacology is, unfortunately, the go-to for the vast majority of the population so education and INFORMED choice is very important.


      • I totally agree with looking at all options. Fortunately, Integrative med. is being integrated in most of the top medical schools. Harbor-UCLA has for over a decade. Integrative means just that, using both western/alternative as appropriate. Dr. Oz is introducing it to who I call the Oprah audience. Now, not only well educated people are trying it. I’ve never seen anyone helped with Pharma medications, with e.i., As far as $$ goes, integrative doctors, Homeopathic and D.O’s are covered by insurance. I’m having treatments by an Osteopath and Medicare Pays. It’s education that’s holding people back. Sadly many people died or are harmed by pharmaceuticals. European countries medicine is Integrated. Brittan FDA warns on the harm of Statins. Germany’s FDA has Echinacea listed as an antibiotic. These are just two examples of many. It’s educating people, which is hard, if they don’t have a curious mind, or intellect…. and here in U.S. Pharma and AMA are most powerful. They go after M.D.’s that practice Alternative Med. Dr. Andrew Weil is an example. That said, illnesses like E.I. are difficult to find help. An example, my totally white bread, lawyer nephew, was against any alternative med, got shingles. He used to ridicule my going to Chinese practitioners. He had unbearable pain. A friend (not me) suggested an American acupressurist in Oakland. After going to several drs. he was desperate, and she relieved him of all pain, in one visit. The worse that could have happened is it didn’t work.
        I remember, my curious mind, lead me to Guided Imagery to see if I could get help with symptoms western med. couldn’t solve. I found this wonderful practitioner who helped me with various symptoms successfully, even depression.


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