How to Painlessly Cook a Turkey (painless for you, not the turkey)


It’s that time of year again for “Cooking with Judy”  Here’s a re-post of my yearly Thanksgiving post — cuz it’s tooooo good not to be shared!  
I have a reputation, among those who love me,  to have an “interesting” sense of humor.  Even though this sounds like a joke IT IS NO JOKE.
I read about this and tried it.  The turkey comes out brown, beautiful and MOIST.
 I’ve done this every year for almost two decades and it’s never failed.  (One time I did a 20-plus pounder and parts were not completely cooked so I zapped the parts in the appliance of choice – my microwave)
I’ve shared this with many others and it has failed only once — the woman bought a ButterBall Turkey . . . and has never eaten turkey since. To see why, keep reading.

10 – 18 pound turkey* and a…

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2 comments on “How to Painlessly Cook a Turkey (painless for you, not the turkey)

  1. JJ — if you don’t mind, I am going to reblog this one day this upcoming week. No muss no fuss!! 😀 I will try this sometime during my TX time in early December — my mom won’t eat turkey (even though she is eating very little these days)! Although, I am not a huge fan of it either, I cannot let another year go by without at least trying it. 😀


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