My Identity Crisis Revisited

Things were sooooo much easier before I knew identity was a crisis: so much easier when I was a child and the word identity was something I had to look up in the dictionary; so much easier when I was a young adult and knew everything there was to know; so much easier when I was in mid-life and knew everything I needed to know.

I’d better find my identity before it becomes a full-blown crisis.  


Seeing Myself from a Different Perspective

Maybe life is about stumbling, figuring things out . . . redoing, undoing and redoing again.   Maybe who we are is meant to be the ultimate mystery and our curiosity is simply to keep us from stagnating while experiencing life, one crisis at time.  Maybe?

"Does she ALWAYS have to be so serious . . ."

“OUCH! I think she’s fallen on her head one too many times .”

My last attempt to figure me out: Who am I anyway? Identity Crisis Coming to a Computer Near You

8 comments on “My Identity Crisis Revisited

    • LeggyP,
      I’m glad you like the drawing. Since 99% of all my art is done in 15 minutes or less it tends to have that “carefree” look! Luckily most of my crisis only last 15 minutes or less . . . it just feels like a lot longer.


  1. You will always be my talented, creative, supportive and caring FAVORITE BIG SISTER (even though you did try to end my earthly existence as a child)!


    • Jacqui!!!!!!
      You have a new career – my publicist!
      with appreciation and love,
      P.S. Future wonder women? That identity transformation may be the hardest – Linda Carter is a hard act to follow because I don’t think I can walk a mile in her . . . tights.


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