It’s “D”-Day! Do rather than Don’t (parenthetically speaking)

D-Day is a military term indicating the day on which “a combat attack or operation is to be initiated“.  

I’m trying to decide if I should ATTACK the clutter in the garage or OPERATE on getting a better attitude about planning on cleaning the garage.

The latter seems like the better plan so I found a “Survival Kit”* to COMBAT (ahem) low motivation and procrastination (among other things) that bedevil me. I picked out the ones that will motivate me (and made sure there was “D” in them because today is “D“- Day!!!).

Words to ponder . . .

Words to ponder . . .

  1. Do rather than don’t.  (So far so good)
  2. Do give yourself room to fail and fight like hell to achieve. (I fail to see any good coming out of fighting)
  3. When you’re in trouble, study the lives of those who’ve done great things. (Those people can afford to hire others to clean out their garages)
  4. “Poor me” is no help at all. (No “d“s but I probably need to hear this)
  5. Never say “I can’t.” It closes the door to potential development. (I CAN but I DON’T WANT to clean out the garage.  Does that mean I have potential?)
  6. There is art in any endeavor done well. (Art! I should draw pictures in honor of D-day – clean is a “C” word)
  7. Don’t hoard your knowledge, share it. (I’m not hoarding I’m preserving.  Maybe this means I should hold a garage sale . . .?)
  8. Try things against your grain to find out just what your grain really is. (Gluten free or whole wheat version of encouragement)
  9. Inspiration doesn’t come when you are idle. It comes when you have steeped yourself in work. (IF I get an inspiration while cleaning the garage it will be to stop cleaning and draw art)
  10. If what you have to say is from your deepest feelings, you’ll find an audience that responds. (I’ll post my address so you can come and declutter my garage)
  11. Aim high, beyond your capacity. (I’ll post my address so you can come and declutter my garage)


*Irwin Greenberg was a painter and teacher.  He circulated a “Survival Kit” – 100 pieces of advice –  to his students at the High School of Art & Design and the Art Students League of New York. 

Here’s the link to all 100, some of them without a “D”.




11 comments on “It’s “D”-Day! Do rather than Don’t (parenthetically speaking)

    • Lorrie,
      Love your blog title “shrinkrapped”. Love “Undercommit, overachieve”. However, I might amend it to “Undercommit, achieve”. The older I get the lower my expectations are! Looking forward to reading more on your new blog.


  1. JuDy WesterfielD has Ds in it, no? You’re already ahead of the game! Spring is the perfect time for cleaning out the garage. I always say I’m going to clean it out and turn it into a cabana so I can sit and have a cocktail after work at night.


    • PammyPam,
      I think you got it, but it’s backwards – I’m going to have a cocktail, then sit in the garage to ponder how best to start. Then have another cocktail and pretend it’s already a cabana. (I’m a cheap drunk – after the first cocktail I probably won’t remember why I’m sitting in the garage.)


  2. I found a solution to your cleaning garage that worked for me. I found a gal (works in pt office processes ins claims) who loves to organize & looking to make extra $$$. She came for 4 hours on a Sunday afternoon & got my garage in shape works fast & took junk away in Her truck & piled up things to donate or sell in garage sale. She is coming back to help me purge Christmas decorations & lower kitchen cupboards I can’t get down to do any longer. She’s reasonable $20 hr & fast. Real treat for matte j

    Sent from my iPhone



    • LindaB,
      That IS a brilliant solution! However, I’ll have to send my husband out of town because he will unpile all the “valuables” from the truck, review each item, restock the garage and it will quadruple the $20/hour.
      Don’t throw away her phone number because if I live longer than he does I’ll need it.


    • CleeMcK
      “kick-in-the-pants” – gives me an idea! Have the “Poor me” tattooed on my rear-end to remember to keep it behind me. (However, if the tattoo would hurt more than the “poor me”-attitude I will stick with reading it on a list)


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