“R” is for Running low on petrol

Have you noticed that I’ve been amusing myself writing poems lately?  (If you haven’t noticed that is evidence you are not reading my blog as often as you should be!)

My chronic fatigue has reared its “rear”.  Sitting and moving my fingers on the keyboard, one at a time, is about all the physical energy I have had to expend.  (mental energy is another matter . . .)

There once was a  lass

who ran out of gas

As her windshield grew hazy

she became quite lazy

removing the rust from her a_ _

"I hope you didn't hear that!"

“I hope you didn’t hear that!”

9 comments on ““R” is for Running low on petrol

  1. Your poem made me laugh, but as to its serious side–it must be frustrating to suffer from fibromyalgia. It bears no outward signs, but my other friends who have it become debillitated. One moved to a warmer climate and has improved. Keep on keepin’ on!


    • Kathy,
      It is frustrating to look like the picture of health (for a 70 year old) and feel like a 170 year old. I am not debilitated but the symptoms are difficult to manage. I do, however, count my blessings for what I do NOT have which could be far worse.


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