True Facts about the Octopus . . . . . and the Pentapus

Excess in life

just leads to strife

All I need is five 

to stay alive

One with which to eat

Two for feet

One to comb my hairDSCN6276

whether or not it’s there

and the last to procreate

Who on earth needs eight?

Thanks Daru!



8 comments on “True Facts about the Octopus . . . . . and the Pentapus

  1. Not on the earth – in the sea!
    One arm to wrestle sharks, one to spoon in clam chowder, two to strut upon stilts, one to scratch his back, one to rub his tummy, one to suck his thumb – and one to comb his hair!


  2. I ❤ octopi . Wait, what? Spell check doesn't care for octopi. One sec….[elevator music]…

    "The standard plural in English of octopus is octopuses. However, the word octopus comes from Greek and the Greek plural form octopodes is still occasionally used. The plural form octopi, formed according to rules for some Latin plurals, is incorrect."

    MORE true facts.

    You're welcome.


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