Sneek a peek into my journal

I’m either incredibly ego-centric or beginning to emerge from my creative black hole because this is the first Spark assignment (self-portraits) that has “sparked” me.  I’m also feeling a bit better – not great, but better – so my eyes are clearer, although a bit “chalky”, in this picture than my last self-portrait. 
It’s interesting (at least to me) that I’ve had a migraine-type headache behind one eye and I see it in both pictures.  Of course, it could also mean I’m delusional and seeing things that aren’t there. 
I smeared this journal page (literally) with acrylic paint.   A figure emerged who I “helped out” with pastel chalk.  It’s instant gratification since it only takes a few minutes and little thinking. 
I prefer doing “spontaneous quickies” (don’t read more into that!) since I don’t have the focus and energy to do anything that takes much thought or time – not that I ever did.

judy’s journal page – Acrylic & chalk pastel

7 comments on “Sneek a peek into my journal

  1. So which color tells me you’re starting to feel better? The lime green? Or the squinted–but not closed–eyes? Of course I’m squinting, with a headache in the same spot you have. I’m going to pull out my digital paints and go at it.


    • Jacqui,
      You are very observant: Probably all the colors combined – there are not as many colors as in the last picture I did (less going on) AND the squinted-but-not-closed-eyes. If you do a picture send it to me!


  2. You always look good (and seem to prefer) blues and purples. Hope the migraine/eye thing is temporary though the Picasso-esque form of this exercise is nice (didn’t he have a “Blue Period”?)!


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