“Plastic Fantastic”

Wow! Fascinating! – A “bag” of ingenuity and a lot of talent.  Click here and listen to the short video!

The artist who ‘paints’ with recycled plastic


“Mbongeni Buthelezi collects plastic bags from the streets around his Johannesburg studio and melts them to create a unique kind of art – he calls it “plastic fantastic”.”

8 comments on ““Plastic Fantastic”

  1. Buthelezi is amazingly talented, the word “amazingly” being key. What he does is unique, but it’s his vision that astounds. The black and white portraits are just as powerful as those in color. His work reminds me of Chuck Close – up close, the painting is a bunch of splashes and lines, you have to pull back to see the image. I worry about his technique however. I think that the process of melting plastic releases toxins, and that’s dangerous, of course. Would love to see the art in person.


    • Shari B-P,
      You are right – his vision is astounding AND I would worry about the plastic fumes too. However, MAYBE it’s the fumes that give him his vision . . .

      P.S. Yes! Chuck Close – couldn’t remember his name thanks.


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