Now that I’ve got your attention . . .

Heart disease

is the NUMBER ONE killer of women.


Excerpt from HEART SISTERS Most Common Heart Attack Signs:

“These cardiac symptoms often come and go – sometimes over a surprisingly long period of time.  They’re not always severe. We may believe that heart attack chest pain must be described as “crushing”, but it’s often frequently described by women with words like pressure, heavy, burning, full or tight – not “crushing”.”

“Almost 40% of women experience NO CHEST PAIN at all during a heart attack.”

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7 comments on “Now that I’ve got your attention . . .

  1. Judy, I have long believed that we encounter crises every day. It’s learning how to see what’s beyond the acceptable ordinary event, knowing what to do, and acting quickly and appropriately that forestalls tragedy. Thank you for directing us to a site that provides critical info. If we know only one thing – call for help – that alone is a good thing. Being silent is not.

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    • Jacqui,
      Common misconception. Because cancer gets so much publicity (and funding) women don’t realize that heart disease is the number one killer of women. If it doesn’t kill it disables to an unimaginable degree. Read MyHeartSisters and the number of women describing heart attack in their 40’s and 50’s will astound you.

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      • Jacqui, back in the 1980s, the American Heart Association ran a series of “awareness” ads asking: ‘Would you know what to do if your husband has a heart attack tonight?” (No mention of whether hubby knows what to do when YOU have a heart attack!!)


      • Judy-Judith, you really ARE my unpaid PR person (soon to be my unpaid editor/proofreader!) Thanks for continuing to help spread the word about such an important subject. You really should consider getting a real job someday…. 😉


        • Carolyn,
          I can’t think of ANYONE I’d rather be unpaid by than you. You are a remarkable human being with all you do educating people about heart and health, particularly given your own struggle with the aftermath of a widow-maker heart attack.

          At my age, the REAL job is making it from day to day!

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