Three Heads are Better than Two

 I am not a split personality I’m a “thrip”.  There are three me’s.  
Didn’t consciously intend this drawing to be a self-portrait but I believe that any form of creative expression, whether it be visual art, dance, music etc. is reflective of who we are.
My first thought is the middle head is being squished which is  reflective of  how exhausted I’ve been lately.   
On second thought,  I wonder if the little head is the glue holding together the other two???


11 comments on “Three Heads are Better than Two

  1. I’ll put into my Elmer’s Glue thought on this: I think the woman on the right with her raised eyebrow, “eye-shadow,” and self-satisfied (in a pleasant manner) smile, is saying: “Let’s remain playful no matter how many heads we grow.”


  2. I say the face in the middle is you — fresh, new, inquisitive, wise beyond age — beginning to explore your newfound passion as a writer. The other two are characters you’ve created — well-drawn, mysterious, up to something behind those knowing glances. I can’t wait to hear their stories.


    • Jan,
      Great observation! My initial thought is that the tiny middle head maybe more my new direction as it’s a child’s face (probably can’t tell from the picture). Maybe I’m butting heads with myself? Not sure who or what the other two heads are right now or who they are becoming??????? Logical vs intuitive doesn’t quite fit because my logical side is not as well-developed. You have both going for you . . . I’m more lopsided. Past, Present, Future?

      Thanks for the comment!!!!!! Need to get a grip on it and I’m not sure . . . (maybe I just need to get a grip PERIOD)


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