The First day of my Birthday Season – I’m Wrinkling in Strange Places

(Oh yeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeees – days and days and days and daaaaaaaaaaays of celebration.  You can send me gifts in lieu of flowers or cake per my birthday season RULES, #3).

To celebrate I slept-in late . . . 

Oh nooooooooooooooooo – I have vertical ridges in my fingernails.  So, of course, I googled “fingernail ridges”:

“There are many reasons for ridged nails but the most common is aging,” says Dr. Phoebe Rich, M.D, clinical adjunct professor of dermatology at Oregon Health Science University. As we age the nail matrix becomes atrophied  in areas resulting in longitudinal ridging of nails. I tell people they are like wrinkles in the nails.”

It’s bad enough that my face is wrinkling . . . my neck is wrinkling . . . and now! my fingernails are wrinkling!


The next thing I know I’ll wake up and I will look like a Shar-pei.


Bob Blobfish sez: ". . . I p"

Bob Blobfish sez: “I’d be upset too if I woke up looking like a Shar-pei”


19 comments on “The First day of my Birthday Season – I’m Wrinkling in Strange Places

  1. You need to get credit for many of your friends wrinkles (me included as I rightly assume a position of one of your BFFs). Anyone who has the honor to be included in your life knows you show no mercy when it comes to picking on us constantly. Why the wrinkles you ask – because you pick on us with such hilarity that we can’t stop laughing. Laugh wrinkles are the best.

    I would be honored to bake you a cake. What is your pleasure my dear? Perhaps that triple layer chocolate number with a super thin layer of almond paste under the thick chocolate glaze that covers the cake; a fruit jam of your choice spread thinly between each layer (I prefer raspberry). HAPPY BIRTHDAY!!!!!


    • Judith Clemmer Ma’am,
      (I only pick on the ones I love.)

      What my pleasure is and what I can eat are two completely different things! I’m currently on a no-white flour-little to no-sugar passing my aging lips. Trying to see if it makes a difference in my pain/fatigue. If you can whip up a gluten free, low sugar deeeeeeelight I would be in heaven. Every gluten free baked good I’ve made tastes like wet cement or worse . . . concrete.

      Thanks for the happy birthday!!!!!!!


      • There you are. I just sent you an email mentioning not hearing from you. Didn’t think to look here (duh!). Still not up to speed on this blogging thing. If there were yummy things that didn’t have sugar or flour I would be making them and becoming a millionaire. Hugs,


  2. Brain wrinkles are very good – the more you have the smartier you are. (Yes I did mean smartier – I just made up that word because I got another brain wrinkle and had to give it a job so I gave it a degree in neology and it made up that word.)
    Your turn, Judy, share the new word your new brain wrinkle made up in honor of your birthday.
    BTW, shar-pei puppy very cute, could be called cutier. Blob fish, not so much, could be called uglier. Wait, that’s already a word. Crap, my new brain wrinkle just went to sleep.


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