Hacker Appreciation pome

In my life time I’ve been whacked

I’ve been blindsided

and been sacked

Now I’m included

 in the pantheon of the hacked

So if you are my hacker

please know I AM pleased

you used a younger picture of me

as a tease.

IACH Board having fun

"More proof she's losing it . . ."

 “More proof she’s losing it . . .”

9 comments on “Hacker Appreciation pome

  1. You are a hoot! Do you remember me? Laura Miller? How did I miss that you have a published book? How can I get it? Your post on Fibro today and the fact that we both have a book just reminded me how much we have in common.I have two fiber poems in my book you might enjoy. I’ll send them along some time. My fibro motto comes from John Denver: “Some days are diamonds, some days are stones.”


    • Laura – of COURSE I REMEMBER YOU! We had (I thought) an instant connection when you attended the first journal group in my office and then your beautiful house, and your journal and and and your blog that you’ve not been posting!!!!! Not to mention you know Jane in the writing group . . . .

      I’ve not published but am sitting on (literally) several children’s books. Do send the poems – I’ll post with a shout-out to your book.

      That IS a great John Denver quote. Unfortunately my diamond days are over. It’s more like “Some days are stones, some days are rocks” !!!!!!!!


  2. Give this gal a lemon, and she makes a lemon meringue cheesecake piece of poetry from it! Well done, Judy-Judith! PS Just got the actual real life publishing contract in the mail from JHU! Passed all the steps to get to this point – thanks to you for your creative help in getting that initial proposal package tuned up and out the door! 🙂 Manuscript deadline is November 1 – so what am I doing procrastinating by noodling around here on your blog?!?!


    • Carolyn,
      CONGRATULATIONS on the REAL LIFE PUBLISHING CONTRACT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I’m so happy for you. You more than deserve having a book published and spreading all the valuable information and insight you provide on your blog out to the world in even a bigger way.
      I’m so proud of you. I really am.
      with love,
      P.S. PLEASE do not spread the rumor that reading my blog is “procrastinating” – I prefer to think of it as mind-jogging-out-in-nowhere-land for those of us who are creatively land-locked . . .


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