Age-Activated Attention Deficit Disorder

Now back to washing the dishes and the soapy water that reminded me to water the flowers in the garden which reminded me about this video . . .

Thanks Sharon M.!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Is it a good thing . . . or a sign . . . I can no longer remember when my attention deficit was activated . . .?

6 comments on “Age-Activated Attention Deficit Disorder

  1. Stuart says this isn’t age activated, this is exactly how he has been doing things for years. Yes he as ADD.
    of course I noticed I do it too.
    Today I was writing an email, decided I needed to look up something about what I was saying, then when I’m reading that it will remind me of another site, so I went there, then I decided I wanted to write a post about it and started that, then I needed to look up something else for that, then I was hungry.
    at the end of the day I just found that original email I started that started the whole train of events.
    of course I also saw an email saying your blog had updates so now I’m here.

    I did get the email finished, or should I say, I told them I simply had to send it because I’ve been writing it for hours.

    I never finished reading any of the things I looked up.

    The post will probably never come to fruition.

    golly, I’m tired.
    and I haven’t done much of anything all day but be on the computer.


  2. Oh my goodness! Is this contagious? Because I’m pretty sure I have this, and (worse!) I have passed on the bug to all of my girlfriends!!!

    So true, so funny, so … …. what was I saying? …


    • Carolyn,
      Yes, Age-activated Attention Deficit Disorder is contagious, hereditary, progressive, degenerative, chronic . . . but only life altering and not fatal. The pharmas haven’t discovered the economic potential and there has been no research for a cure.

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