Sneek a Peek into my sketchy life – nudes and buts

Sorry, I’ve been blogged-out for so long.  I know, I know, yet another sorry-I’ve-been-gone-for-so-long-post.  

BUT I decided today is a brand new beginning.  “BUT” literally and figuratively.  (For those of you who are squeamish scroll down to the nude part because I begin with the BUTT . . .  mine to be exact.)  

Just had a colonoscopy. The bad news – I didn’t have a very good day yesterday.  The good news – I lost 4 pounds.  The bad news – I have wasted today sleeping.  The good news – I don’t remember a thing.  

Now that I’m squeaky clean it’s time for a new start – Going to go back to cutting out (maybe down) on refined sugar & carbs and cutting up on the internet.

Here’s my latest sketches.  I start with my favorite:


10 minute charcoal sketch


20 minute charcoal sketch


10 minute charcoal sketch

11 comments on “Sneek a Peek into my sketchy life – nudes and buts

  1. Hi Judy-Judith – I have always thought that the procedure is a piece of cake compared to the yucky prep routine. Once, I got my appointment dates wrong and showed up at the hospital a week early (only to be sent home, of course, with instructions to redo the yucky prep one week later! Aaarrrgggh! ) There is of course that ‘squeaky clean’ feeling afterwards and the opportunity it brings for a new start!! Good luck. PS…. LOVE these sketches!


    • Carolyn!!!!! Oh my goodness a two-time prep . . . ugh, ouch, ick and yuck. I agree the actual procedure is a no-brainer (it is said that the second brain is the intestinal track so may it is a yes-brainer) but the prep . . . I hate drinking all that liquid more than sitting on the john – in that case what goes in is more of a problem than what goes out . . .


  2. Hi sweetie! I hope you’re doing well. Like you, I’m feeling blogged out. I just can’t seem to get it together. Plus, we are selling our house. That is a ton of fun, especially in this heat.
    Hope you’re staying cool and ok from your colonoscopy! Miss you!!


    • Rose!!!!! So nice to hear from you. I’ve just been blogging in fits and starts and stops – mostly stops. I can’t seem to get it together either and I’m not selling a house – MAJOR STRESSOR.
      Freddie is a darling – the sweetest lap dog we’ve ever had.

      You are included in my daily prayers so when your nose twitches it’s me praying!


  3. I continue to be impressed with your art. So good that you discovered your love and skill for art, maybe a bit later than you would have liked, but at least it’s getting a good exposure now. You are a natural. Your work is expressive. I love it.


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