RATS! We Inhaled

At Judy Formato’s Painting on the Patio (POP) art group the topic of marijuana came up.  

Several of the woman, who shall remain anonymous, (we are all well over the age of 50 or 60 or 70) admitted to inhaling in their youth.  It was a pertinent topic (for those of us well over the age of 50 or 60 or 70) relating to pain medication for maladies that come with maturity.

Is this a coincidence, or what? . . . I came home to read this new medical marijuana “MIND” study:  

Researcher Staci Gruber is “. . .  trying to determine the long and short-term impact of medical marijuana on cognition, brain structure and function, quality of life, sleep, and other clinical measures. 

“People drive two to three hours sometimes to get [here for] the study,” Gruber said. “They’re really committed. They really want to know what effect this will have on them.”

“As they wait for long-term results, MIND researchers have made a few interim discoveries. They have found, for example, that marijuana could possibly ease symptoms for people with bipolar disorder and that a medication for strokes and Alzheimer’s disease may reverse the cognitive effects of chronic recreational marijuana use.”

Perhaps our POP group could volunteer – we can drive and are VERY committed women.

I think we qualify.

Oh, by the way, here’s what I painted at POP.

Water-color on Yupo paper

Water-color & pencil on Yupo paper


I wonder why they don’t use rats for this study – they use them for all the others?


10 comments on “RATS! We Inhaled

  1. Yes ladies I agree with all of you. When I had several ribs (4 to 5) dislocate from my spine I took up to 3 prescription pain killers without any relief. I had been an inhaler in my early life (recreational only) and decided to get a prescription. My biggest problem was major insomnia from the pain. Nibbling on a small portion of a ‘brownie’ each night before bed brought immediate and intense relief from all my pain. Sad whent cigarettes are killing millions of people and tragically impacting our environment that this killer is legal and yet a ‘drug’ like cannabis, which has such incredible medical properties and can relieve tragic medical conditions is not easily available to those who need help. This is especially tragic when they can remove all the THC so that it can safely be used for serious medical issues in people of all ages..


    • Judith C.
      Now I know why you have spent so much time trying to find the perfect brownie recipe . . .
      There is so much we don’t know about healing, soothing properties in herbs and plants because the pharmaceutical companies can’t make money on substances they can’t patent.


  2. They don’t need to use rats for the study – there are plenty of human volunteers. Looking at your rat, I think he’s already been part of a study. 😀

    There have been a number of documentaries about families struggling to get CBD for their kids with severe epileptic condition. The oil reduces the seizures to nearly none or to few enough that the condition is manageable. For kids having 60 to 100 seizures a day, this is literally life saving. Some families are going to their state legislatures to get bills passed so they bring the oil from Colorado to their own states – currently this is illegal in most states. Others are uprooting their entire families, or separating one adult from the rest of the family, to take the ill child to live in Colorado in order to get the medicine.

    I don’t like the idea of people stumbling around stoned all day, people whom we’re trusting to care for and teach our kids, drive buses, prepare food, service infrastructure systems, etc. So I’m really not in favor of general recreational use of marijuana. But the CBD oil seems to be a wonder drug for those with serious medical needs. And it’s well documented that cancer patients undergoing chemo therapy get huge relief from marijuana.


    • Jacqui,
      My brother sent this to me, supporting your comment:
      RE: marijuana, the anecdotal evidence for athletes and those with seizure issues is that CBD (Cannabidiol) oil seems to have effect. The athletes–mostly ex-pros and especially retired NFL guys claim their injuries, aches and pains are ONLY relieved through use of the oil, and there are an increasing # of claims from families with members suffering from several types of seizures that the oil is again the ONLY thing keeping them alive. The oil has virtually no THC so there is no “high”.


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