My Sketchy Life – wonky, wacky & wobbly

Ten days into walking like a drunken sailor without the drink or the sailing.  My husband drove me to art class.  It was nice to get out of the house.  The vertigo is much better but I’m still a bit wobbly.

At first, looking back and forth from the model to the drawing pad was a bit disorienting and I was very tired after class – probably because my brain was working hard to compensate.

The focus for this session was using brown wrapping paper, black and white charcoal.




"Food for thought . . . "

“Wobbly is the least of her worries . . . She’s always been wonky & wacky . . . “


6 comments on “My Sketchy Life – wonky, wacky & wobbly

  1. Sorry to hear about the vertigo (I once had it and vowed I never wanted to repeat the experience!;-) When my mother had her bouts, a doctor gave her some head exercises which she did lying down to “re-arrange the stone in our ear” (those were the doctor’s words). Good luck.

    Your drawings are showing your increased confidence, and they have a nice blend of realism and interior abstract cubism. I like how you placed two drawings on one page and allowed both of them to have their own space and presence. Well done.


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