Update on my condition

Papa’s Instructions Pome

Children of ours,  it’s your time to play

So listen closely to what I say

To your DNA you must stay true

Here’s exactly what you are to do:


Mama Cold, Papa Cold and their 3 virus babies 

Baby 1

Dump buckets of muck

up judy’s nose

Make sure you duck

before she blows

Baby 2 

Bang on her brain

whistle in her ears

like a choo choo train

til she bursts into tears.

Baby 3

Pound on her head

jump on her chest

all night long in bed

so she gets no rest

Children, it’s now up to you

judy is yours to do

Cuz Mama is weary 

teaching how-to

 with no app or Siri.

And your papa is tiring

 of non-stop siring

It’s Mom & me off to find a new home

Hallelujah! you’re on your own

Practice what we’ve taught

drive judy crazy, make her lazy

don’t give it an afterthought

Spend all your time

making her go outa her mind

19 comments on “Update on my condition

  1. I think the new year viruses look for the fibro buddies to visit! They stayed for a good 3 weeks in Jan too! Must have been their cousins! Had to drag them to work with me and hide them in tissues! They over stayed their visit!


  2. First, this post didn’t show up in my email in-box until today, Jan. 11, tho I see you posted it on Jan. 9 – geez, my computer is lazy. Sorry for not tuning in earlier.

    However, I’m hoping that in the lost 2 days, you are finally well and enjoying a nose doing its job of hanging onto your face as an eyeglass rack and nothing else. I mean, enough already with the bugs and yucks. Shari wants some play time!


  3. Sorry, sounds like the cold/flu thing I had last month. Feel Better!

    Got Ozzy’s ashes back, held the box out the window on his last ride home!

    And, your Blog Avatar of Freddie looks A LOT like the attached pic of Duffy!!!! Must be cousins….



    • Duffy’s Dad,
      Maybe I caught the cold from reading your e-mails!!! Cyber space ain’t safe.

      The blog avatar is Max that’s why he looks a lot like The Duff. Max and Duffy had the same coloring. Freddie and Duffy have the similar hair-dos.

      Will say a prayer for Ozzy – he’s deserves a nice breeze in the next realm.


  4. Oh, dear. Poor Judy-Judith! I really feel for you (yet am strangely glad that I’m not geographically situated too near to those “buckets of muck” coming out of your nose. Get better soon, okay?


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