How to gain control of your free time

March 1st will mark two years since I retired.    Now that I have all the time in the world I have much more time to procrastinate.  During retirement I have fine-tuned my procrastination skills. 

I also have a continued quest for self-improvement.   In between TV shows and relaxing I squeeze in reading articles and watching videos that inspire me to develop better habits.

Here’s the latest video which I found so inspirational I turned off the TV.

After listening to this Ted Talk I decided to do a trial run before my actual  two-year retirement anniversary. 

I’m going to treat the things I keep saying I’d like to do like a flooded basement.  (you’ll have to watch the video).  So!  here’s what my emergencies are for this coming week:

  1. Do something everyday (as opposed to doing nothing)
  2. Cut out sugar from my eating “habits”.

I’ll let you know next week . . . or two . . .  how I did.


14 comments on “How to gain control of your free time

  1. What we do with time is always to try to prioritize. It seems to be the only thing that really works well. Without making priorities one just gets way overwhelmed by the mass and I get defocused.

    Cutting out sugar is probably one of the best things I ever did for my overall health and well being. Now if I taste it in something I find it disgusting. This from a woman who for years started her day with a hot cup of British team with two heaping spoons of sugar. But then at that time.. who knew?

    Funny pic…


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    • Green Global Peta,
      You are right – I get defocused. I’ve always blamed it on ADD . . . even though I’ve never been diagnosed – it’s a good scapegoat for my wandering brain and idle hands.

      Did you go cold turkey with cutting out sugar? I’m like an addict. I can go for months and then one taste of the sweet-stuff and I’m craving it. All the research points to how it’s not good for health as well as sets off an addictive cycle. I’m living proof for both.

      Love your blog – fascinating. You and Leggy Peggy are my two favorite travel companions.


  2. I adopt the sugar free vow every Jan 1st each year but the Brookside dark chocolate blueberries allotment addiction calls me by Jan 2nd. (Read recent article that finding daily dark chocolate & wine helps to build natural immunity). Works for me to justify my addiction. 🙄 I too have had two floods I took time to address during my working period while working from torn up house & managed thru it as a priority. I have been retired for 15 years & still have time management struggles, primarily daily slow (or no) productivity. After tools given to me by my therapist I am now feeling less stressed w/o daily productivity goals as in my busy past life. I feel more contentment with reading, Bible Study, tv, needlework, & tv I believe aging helping toward the contentment. Be patient & surely you too will get this contentment as I am with time. It’s only been 2 years. 😊 I enjoyed the video thanks for sharing. 💕 Sent from my iPhone Linda


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  3. My house did flood – 3 times – it’s old – have still not fully repaired it. And my blinds rarely get clean – I tip them so you can’t tell.

    She is right – we all waste a ton of time, but she doesn’t account for so much time that must be devoted to other things – travel to and from work and appointments; keeping self, laundry, and house clean; buying and prepping food; banking stuff; obligations to other people (I’m talking about you, Freddie;) medical and health care; and if one has dependent children, there is no time left at all.

    Still, I do love the analogy of living as if your basement is flooded and you have to deal with it now, whether or not you have time. And I love your emergency – cutting sugar out of your life, because it takes no time to not do something. I’m adopting this one for me.

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    • Shari B-P,
      Ay yi yiiiiii – your house actually flooded 3 times. That’s a lot of times.
      Please adopt cutting out sugar!!!! It always is easier and feels better when I know someone else is suffering with me . . .
      I’ll report DIRECTLY to you if I get a craving. I must do it for health since sugar is one of the direct causes of inflammation in the body and BRAIN!

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