Sneek Peek into my sketchy life – from sea to shining SEE

I am enjoying sketching the human form much more than inanimate objects or landscapes.  It stands to reason that I chose to be a psychotherapist rather than a landscape architect.

Here’s my latest sea-scape


Pen & Ink


and here’s my latest See !


Charcoal sketch

He kept moving his right arm . . . 


Charcoal sketch

6 comments on “Sneek Peek into my sketchy life – from sea to shining SEE

  1. Judy, I see faces in both of these sketches. In the sea-scape, I see a reclining woman in a swimsuit and wearing eyeglasses (she is in the rocks with her head on the left and legs to the right). And in the male model’s mid-drift there is a face with a bulbous nose, an eye (nipple) and a mouth (belly button). Nice job!

    Btw: The sea scape is a nice drawing “as” a sea scape!

    Hope you are feeling better. Miss you.


  2. I continue to be impressed by your art, Judy. You’re getting the proportions much more accurate and I like the way you use charcoal with some lines thin, others dark, and soft smudges for shadows. The first drawing of the male shows the tension in his fist. I love seeing your progress each class.


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