Learning to Walk

Baby Hippo Fiona is the cutest ever!  Mama Bibi and dad Henry probably not so much . . .


“A baby hippopotamus, born prematurely at the Cincinnati Zoo, has struggled to stand, eat, gain weight and breathe.”

“But on Sunday morning, the zoo announced “encouraging news from hippo headquarters.”‘

“Baby hippo Fiona, now in stable condition, has taken her first wobbly steps.”

“Fiona was born at the zoo on Jan. 24, six weeks early. She weighed 29 pounds, when baby hippos are normally 55-120 pounds, the zoo says. She was too weak to stand and couldn’t nurse on her own.”

Read all about Fiona, click HERE!

6 comments on “Learning to Walk

  1. Fiona is a sweetie. I hope she continues to grow and thrive and is reunited with mama and papa soon.

    Decades ago, were present at Wild Animal Park in San Diego (now called Safari Park) when a rhino gave birth to her baby. The tram we were riding stopped so the park personnel could call in the information and the park could get veterinary staff to the site as quickly as possible. The train waited for about 20 minutes to keep an eye on the baby. It was very exciting, but mama rhino was experienced, and baby was safe even though he was a bit earlier than expected. Mama stood right beside her new son and protected him carefully.

    Baby animals of all species have that cuteness factor which makes us want to take care of them while they’re young and vulnerable. Like Fiona here.

    (Except for flies – flies are never cute.)


    • Shari B-P,
      Her mama and papa are kept nearby so they can communicate.

      You getting to see a baby Rhino in person is a real treat. I AGREE – babies of all species are really cute except for flies and snakes. Flies and snakes are never cute. They both have beady little eyes no matter their size. Yetch

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