Sneek a Peek into my Sketchy Life, G-Rated

The art teacher instructed us to focus on whatever gets our attention and then exaggerate it.  Tall order . . . . .  especially since this blog is G-rated for General Audiences.

(These are just for you Rick C.!)

Can you tell what “caught” my eye in each pose?*

The three sketches are all charcoal “quickies” – about 10 to 15 minutes each. DSCN6865


“Quickie?  What’s a “quickie”?


Sketch #1 – focus, the shadows (last pose, I was tired and they were what I responded to)

Sketch #2 – focus, his arm (exaggerated proportion – he has large muscular arms)

Sketch #3 – focus, his chest . . . this one’s fairly obvious.  

8 comments on “Sneek a Peek into my Sketchy Life, G-Rated

    • Shari,
      (I’m paraphrasing) The teacher said that we had mastered (for the most part) proportions, shadows, volume etc. She said that art was not just responding visually but also about responding emotionally. She is pushing the class to be more expressive rather than mechanical She also said that if we wanted to practice the mechanics more we could do it from videos and magazines but to take advantage of the live model’s particular uniqueness (strong, lyrical, dynamic etc.) we must focus on what captures our attention, our feelings and try to express that through exaggeration.
      (There are only a few people who are working in color) She’s an excellent teacher and pushes each student to go past their comfort. (I will say that most students draw the same thing – head to toe – in the same size, with the same lines etc. every week)

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        • Shari,
          Yup, only I suspect all of us draw the models the same way according to our personal ability. Instead of trying to push and make mistakes we try to stay with what we are comfortable with . .. and make the same mistakes, instead of new ones from which to learn. Kinda like our lives.


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