Sneak a Peek into my ‘stuffy” life

No nudes today . . . but lots of raw skin . . .  around my nose.  I have a “code in duh node”, can’t think, can’t breathe and stayed home from life drawing.  I caught it from Freddie.  Yes, you heard right . . . FREDDIE.



My husband and I got sore throats on the very same night.  The next day we both had baaaaaaad colds.  We were stymied, since we hadn’t been out together the previous week and the people with whom we had joint contact hadn’t gotten sick.

Freddie was groomed 3 days prior to our getting sick.  After Freddie is groomed he is fluffy and soft as down – it’s even more pleasurable to pet him.

I e-mailed the groomer and asked if he, by any chance, got a cold after he was here.

Seems Freddie is the only one who didn’t get sick.

The picture of innocence


4 comments on “Sneak a Peek into my ‘stuffy” life

  1. Oh my sweet Freddie – don’t take her seriously – she has a bad cold, poor thing, and she doesn’t know what she’s saying. The groomer shared the cold bugs.
    And you do look scrumptious with all that silky fur. Look at your little tail going! Please ask for a treat. And tell Mrs. You-Know-Who that I miss her.


    • Dear Sharon Bonin-Pratt, human-being
      Scrumptious! I’ve never been called scrumptious . . . but I do believe you are right as you are perhaps the most discerning human-being on the planet – even noticing my tail action.

      Freddie Parker Westerfield, SCD
      Scrumptious Canine Dog

      P.S. I rarely take her seriously since she rarely takes herself seriously.


  2. Awww! Poor Freddie! Know he feels awful but he sure looks cute. Let him love you more now to make u & him feel better. Get well soon. 😷🤒🤧

    Sent from my iPhone Linda



    • Dear Linda B, human-being,
      Please do not tell my human that I only feel awful because she gets rather crabby (and even more impatient) when she is not feeling well. Thank you for noticing how cute I am as cuteness deserves treats.

      Freddie Parker Westerfield


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