Sneek a Peek into my Sketchy Life – new semester

Drawing on recycled paper or using ink that can’t be erased are ways of releasing my expectations and loosening up.

These were done on hardware store “painter’s paper” with charcoal

(the kind you spread on the floor to protect it from paint)

Leaning on a chair – didn’t draw the chair cuz I didn’t want to!

1-2 Minute ink sketches in a very small sketchbook


There’s a Freddie Giveaway on CATNIPblog!


5 comments on “Sneek a Peek into my Sketchy Life – new semester

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    • Shari,
      Thank you for the affirmation . . . for my heART! It is interesting that I don’t particularly like, or am drawn to (pun intended) drawing objects as much as I like drawing people.

      Miss you too, Miss Peoples.


    • Linda B.
      THANK YOU!
      However, I’m not sure it’s talent as much as it is perseverance. I am convinced everyone can learn to draw . . . maybe not like Michelangelo but everyone can draw.
      xxxx j


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