Frankly Freddie – My new fan club president

Dear Freddie Fans,

Those of you who follow CURIOUS to the Max do not know about my continuing frustration with Peggy & Judy and CATNIPblog.  A case in point:

So it is with delight that my fans are beginning to speak up and let Peggy & Judy know

that without me they and their “cats” would be up a tree.

My # 1 fan (at the present) is JOYCE K.*  She alone has deluged CATNIPblog with cries for MORE FREDDIE!  As a reward I have made her PRESIDENT.

Lick’n Good

Dear Joyce K., Newly Elected Freddie Fan Club President, Stellar human-being and Sender of treats.

I received your payment of one bag of Doggie Treats to join the Freddie Fan Club. The are quite tasty.  Thank you.  I have nominated you for president and duly elected you to that coveted office.  Your official duties are as follows:

  • Increase Freddie Fan Club membership to 100.  Prospective members should pay  a bag of doggie treats directly to you.  You will keep track of the inventory and disburse doggie treats on a regular basis (to be determined based on membership payments) to Freddie Parker Westerfield, object of all fans’ adoration.
  • Neatly frame and display my autographed picture for all the world to see.
  • Find recipes for doggie treats that are tasty.
  • Make the recipes for doggie treats every month and send them to Freddie Parker Westerfield, home-made doggie treat connoisseur.
  • Other duties to be determined, as needed, warranted or wanted by Freddie.


Freddie Parker Westerfield, CCT RET.

*Joyce is currently owned by several Canine Dogs.  Her newest owner COOKIE Dog is probably my cousin.  Joyce, please run DNA test.

Cookie K.




11 comments on “Frankly Freddie – My new fan club president

    • Dear jacqui murray, human-being,
      I can make YOU vice president of the Freddie Parker Fan Club. First you have to join by sending me a bag of treats and then, depending on the treats, you will be considered for consideration.

      Considerately yours,
      Freddie Parker Westerfield


    • Dear Linda B., human-being,
      Please tell Gidgett that YOU can be vice-president. To see how please read my response to Jacqui Murray, human-being.

      Freddie Parker Westerfield, EOE
      Equal Opportunity Employer


    • Dear Sharon B-P, human-being,
      My tongue is awaiting more applicatants for Vice President of the Freddie Parker Westerfield Fan Club. You, too, can be considered for consideration. Please see my response to Jacquie Murray and Linda B. both of whom are human-beings.

      Freddie Parker Westerfield, EOE
      Equal Opportunity Employer


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