Sneek a Peek into my Sketchy Life – Twofer

Here’s two life drawing class sketches for the price of one.  Aren’t you lucky? . . . or what?

Above drawn on the back of cereal box.  Hey!  art supplies are expensive.

What a 2 minute warm-up sketch looks like (it’s what the sketch looks like, not necessarily the model)

I wonder if she ate all the cereal while she was sketching.

4 comments on “Sneek a Peek into my Sketchy Life – Twofer

  1. Do you mean that you turned the box around and drew on the inside of the cardboard? You are resourceful, that’s for sure. I really like the way you use white, both taking advantage of the white background and adding white charcoal. Then adding the delicate very dark line of charcoal for emphasis. Wonderfully rendered. You are learning so much, Judy.


    • Shari,
      Yup, drew on the inside of the cereal box. I do think I”m learning. The teacher is excellent, encouraging and keeps pushing us to practice and learn more. She also told us that drawing on cardboard was a good exercise – not only is it free but the cardboard can be used as a mid-tone. Thanks for YOUR encouragement!


        • Shari,
          I try NOT to think about all the “stuff” I can use because I could easily become a hoarder. I am constantly forcing myself to throw “potentially valuable items” away that one day would be something I know I can use in some way.


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