Sneak a Peek into my Sketchy Life – Cheeri-oh

I didn’t eat all the Cheerios in this box.

Conte Crayon on Cheerios Box

Charcoal on tinted painter’s paper from Hardware store

You can see the corrections in the left arm.  Drawing is about making LOTS of corrections, just like life.

Charcoal on paper

Here’s what 1-2 minutes warm-up sketches look like.  Suppose to catch the “essence” of the pose – like movement, body position.

Charcoal warm-up sketches


4 comments on “Sneak a Peek into my Sketchy Life – Cheeri-oh

  1. Hi still working on it , I see. I have a questions. How long should, would it take to get rid of the black widow poison?

    I am still doing Real estate but am also working for the census. That is so I have money☺ R E has reached its limit again. No affordable housing , and the people who bought are house poor . The ways of the entitlement people. Life is good . But still have pains and spasm. Sauna is my only relief . Annalise


    • Annalise,
      I have no answer for you, I wish I did. If it were me I’d find a good immunologist to go to. But you’ve probably already gone that route. My heart goes out to you as I have a teeny inkling of how difficult it must be to push through all the hurting.
      Sending love,


    • Shari,
      thanks – as always – for your comments. This is an interesting model who I agree is very vulnerable and “clothes” herself in an air of aloofness and detachment. She’s my favorite cuz she’s got some flesh on her bones.


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