Sneak a Peek into my Sketchy Life – CheeriOs

Waste not want not.  More sketches on the inside cardboard of cereal boxes.

Model wore a mask and tulle ruff around his neck – it was as weird as it looks!

Charcoal, 15 minute sketch

Naked Mole Rat sez: “Eating all that cereal to save money on drawing paper . . . No wonder she can’t lose weight.”

7 comments on “Sneak a Peek into my Sketchy Life – CheeriOs

  1. Thanks for the info. I just went to new dermatologist who recommended using Antibiotic ointments like Neosporin or Polysporin inside nose every few days to help prevent bacteria entering thru your nose as you breathe. As you have shared in the past, cutting sugar out of diet helps reduce inflammation. Praying you are doing much better now without the stress advising all you have thru your career. Still missing outer visits & think of you often. 😍

    Sent from my iPhone Linda



    • Linda B.
      That is REALLY interesting about preventing bacteria as you breath! I’ve never heard of that. Let me know if it works. You are, as always, included in my morning prayers. sending love, j.


  2. You’re inspiring me to take a figure drawing class. There’s one not too far from me that runs every Monday evening. I think if I can get to one I won’t be so intimidated about attending in the future.


    • Take it! I was very intimidated going to the first class but soon saw that there were all levels attending and that made it much easier. Life drawing is very challenging and very rewarding. The human body is a miracle and inspiring. I very much admire people who do landscapes and flowers and objects but after taking life drawing I find them boring. But. . . I tend to bore very easily!
      Go for it Carol. You’ve got nothing to lose if it’s not your “thing”, except for a few hours on Mondays where you’ll probably meet some interesting people. (start with charcoal and cheap newsprint – it’s less intimidating and costly)

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