Food for the HEEL

Went to the doctor and the doctor said:

“Your ankle bone’s fractured, wear a boot to bed.”

“The ligament is torn

but don’t be forlorn,

 there’s great news for 3 weeks –

no driving, no cleaning (even if it reeks).”So here I am with my foot propped high

It is what it is, no need to ask why.

Since there’s no one to cook me a good meal

I settle for ice cream ‘n cake that help heal

Read How I “landed” up here:

In Pain, need Sympathy



4 comments on “Food for the HEEL

  1. Oh no. Do you need some homemade treats for pain? Sorry to hear you have joined the ‘senior clumsy club’. Yes, treats for comfort works & also adds to plumping up too. 😋

    Sent from my iPhone Linda



    • Linda B.
      You gave me a much needed laugh with the “senior clumsy club”!!! My fractured ankle is a raisin in comparison to your watermelon. I so hope you are doing better each and every day.
      sending love,


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