Frankly Freddie – Here a nip, there a nip, everywhere a nip nip

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 “Not all cats are affected by catnip. According to Cat Behavior Associates, the “catnip response” is hereditary, and one-third of all cats lack the gene that enables them to feel the high. Even a cat who does have the gene won’t be affected by catnip until they’re at least six months old.”

Catnip definitely won’t get you humans high (don’t even think about it . . . ), and don’t give your kitty a catnip treat for working so hard at protecting you in the bathroom and bringing you presents of mice and birds (we canines would never bring you vermin).

Peggy & judy want to help you find your mellow but if it drives you wild with desire for more CATNIP I won’t be pleased.


Freddie Parker Westerfield, B.E.

Blogger Extraordinaire

*CATNIPblog was inspired by and is dedicated to Peggy’s cat Maui who lived to prove the brain can be rewired and healing is possible.

Maui’s Healing Tale

7 comments on “Frankly Freddie – Here a nip, there a nip, everywhere a nip nip

  1. I think it’s very interesting that catnip doesn’t affect cats when they’re under six months old – it’s like a build in security from Mother Nature! 😄


  2. I’m with you about the catnip, Freddie. A little parsley on my potatoes, a snippet of dill on my salmon, and I’m good. I think they developed catnip because it’s the only thing that makes cats move. (But all these facts about catnip and cat euphoria over it – you gotta admit, it’s pretty interesting stuff.)


  3. Oh Freddie, if only Catnip worked for dogs….sigh.
    My Max never cared about the smell of Catnip, but he loved to eat it!
    I’ve never seen a cat like him, he would just gobble it up!
    He wasn’t allowed to have it very often….
    I do wonder if that mellowed him out, or have him feeling a little buzzed.

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    • Dear Wendy, Human Being,
      I understand that when psychotropics are ingested they take longer to “work” but last much longer than if sniffed. I think Max knew what he was doing.
      Freddie Parker Westerfield, CD

      P.S. I think your blog should be named “Picnic with Freddie”


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