Back in the art saddle again . . . bare-back

Haven’t drawn for months as I stopped going to art class when I fractured my ankle (couldn’t drive).  The fall semester of classes just started and I was curious to see if I’d lost all the progress I’d made.  

I was even more curious to see how my energy held up since the fractured triggered the worst of all my fibromyalgia symptoms.  My arms hurt during the 1 minute poses – probably because I was drawing furiously, holding tight to the charcoal, trying to stay in the saddle.  

During these 5 -10 minute poses I slowed myself down to a trot. 


Charcoal (The model isn’t as volumptuous as I drew her)

Charcoal (See? She’s quite svelte)

With this chronic condition I’m continually weighing the pain & pleasure ratio, trying to decide if the pleasure I get from activities is worth the ensuing pain.

Today, I’m sore and exhausted . . .

8 comments on “Back in the art saddle again . . . bare-back

    • James,
      In the saddle, bouncing up and down, teeth rattling, rear-end sore and bow-legged when I get down . . . but the ride, ah the ride . . .
      Thank YOU for taking time to comment. It’s always wonderful to “hear” you.

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    • Shari,
      Thank you for the encouragement. Your comment made me think . . . I don’t actually look “forward” to anything since I’m rather stuck in the “tiredness”. But I do enjoy the class once I’m there!
      xxxx j

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