Sneak Peek – Be Careful what I ask for . . .

My last life drawing post Nude No More I complained that the models were wearing clothes.  WELL!  This last model was nude AND geeeeeeeorgeous:  Tall, long, lean limbs, beautiful body, beautiful face, long blond hair and she was really nice . . .  I was soooooooo jealous.

2 minute warm-up, charcoal

10 minute pose, charcoal on back of cereal box

10 minute pose, charcoal on back of cereal box

Some of the models never talk to the students.  During their breaks they retreat to the dressing place or focus on their cell phones.  This model was personable, looked at the drawings and chatted.  

I was soooooooo jealous and told her not to come back until her body matched the lumps and bumps on our drawings.

4 comments on “Sneak Peek – Be Careful what I ask for . . .

  1. Love the ten minute pose. When I first started art classes, when my kids were young, I started with the nude. They say that nude bodies are the hardest thing of all to draw, so if you can draw the nude you can tackle anything.

    Being a mom of three little ones I often arrived late and as a result was seated behind the model. So I started doing drawings of the back of women’s necks and became fascinated with necks, ears, hair….

    You make me miss it.

    Well done.



    • Peta,
      That’s really interesting that you became fascinated with necks, ears and hair. When I’m seated too close to the model it forces me to do fore-shortening. The models are in the middle of the room and turn their poses so that everyone eventually gets the perspective of every side.
      Your comment is interesting about if you can draw the nude you can tackle anything as I’ve often thought that life drawing has improved all my sketching. It’s challenging but I prefer people over drawing just about anything else.

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  2. Well, she might not come back for a long while. But at least you have drawings to remind you how lovely she is. Do you sometimes think that the quality of your art is affected not necessarily by the physical beauty (or plainness) of the models, but by the way they emotionally project themselves?


    • Shari,
      that’s a great question . . . not sure I’m good enough yet to capture the personality or attitude. My favorite model has quite a bit of “meat on her bones” and she’s EXTREMELY removed but more “animated” when posing – occasionally scratches and doesn’t hold the pose quite as well as other models. Maybe as I draw more I’ll become more aware of the emotional projections . .. certainly something to aspire to.

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