Fiona the Hippo – Cute comes in ALL sizes and shapes

We’re so blessed to coexist

with creatures hard to resist

Hip Hip Hooray

It’s Fiona’s Birthday!

Fiona was born at the Cincinnati Zoo six weeks premature, weighing only 29 pounds. She is the smallest hippo to survive, according to the zoo. Since then, Fiona has captured the attention and love of people all over the world.
Now a mighty animal weighing 1,300 pounds, Fiona marks another year of spreading joy to everyone she meets.
In celebration of Fiona’s birthday, the zoo gave her a bubble bath and a healthy birthday cake made of fruits and veggies. Fiona and her hippo pals shared the cake.
Businesses all over Cincinnati also celebrated the birthday, selling Fiona-themed beer, ice cream bowls, T-shirts, coffee and more.

3 comments on “Fiona the Hippo – Cute comes in ALL sizes and shapes

  1. Fiona seems to be a contented hippo in Cincinnati, a social creature who likes attention. A few months ago, I saw 2 hippos who reside in the Camden, NJ aquarium. Their habitat dismayed me as did the hippos’ behavior. Their tank was filthy, though it may in fact have paralleled the muddy waters that are their natural domain. But it was extremely small and devoid of any plants or sunlight. The hippos were lethargic, remaining immobile and submerged for the entire time we looked. I dislike assigning animals human emotions but they didn’t appear content. Huge animals need huge living areas and few zoos or aquariums can mimic a natural environment. The 2 Camden hippos may be rescues but they also appear to be there more for the entertainment of viewers than for any reasons associated with their own health. Just saying, “cute” should be last on the list.


    • It is painful to see animals captive in small spaces, cages and the like. It is encouraging that zoos and aquariums are focusing more and more on saving endangered species and rescuing. It is discouraging that humans are taking over the lands and habitats. It is encouraging that the younger generations are recognizing the havoc “we” have done to this tiny planet. It’s a bit of a whip lash for me . . .

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