“Anything worth doing is worth doing badly.”*

I’m “prone” to procrastination.  I’m not talking about things that are tedious, difficult, unappealing or boring.  I’m talking about things that interest me.  

These 3 things often feed my hesitancy to start or finish a project:

  • Wanting to do something “perfectly” (or at least competently)
  • Waiting for the “perfect time” before starting.
  • Thinking that everyone else does it perfectly so I should do on first try.

Collage by judy

From now on “Do it Badly” is my motto to give me the courage to try new things, stop me from focusing on the outcome and have more fun.

“Do it Badly” today and . . .  improve as I go.


Let us know if this works for you.

*writer and poet GK Chesterton

7 comments on ““Anything worth doing is worth doing badly.”*

  1. I absolutely agree about feeling ‘lazy’ when creating. Creativity should come before cleaning the house. Perfection is not a goal – it’s a symptom of neurosis. Nothing is ever finished – it’s a portion of the journey. The journey is what’s important – not the photo showing what happened.

    Just my take on this.


  2. I have been struggling with the same issues – expecting perfection from myself when I am a green horn. It’s ridiculous and I know that, but it’s what I do sometimes (not every time but too often LOL). I like this idea.


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