Sneak Peak into my painted pears & favorite foods

After painting ice cream sundaes, cupcakes, doughnuts and pecan pie I did a “chaser” of fruit.  It wasn’t as fun as the desert but a lot easier than dripping ice cream or frosting. (jw)


Fruit Chaser


Main Course

Sneeeek Peeek – Painting my way to THIN

On doctor’s “orders” I’ve been struggling to lose weight.  The biggest problem I’ve discovered is swallowing.  Now that art classes have resumed I think I’ve solved the “swallowing problem” . . . I’m painting . . .




Haven’t gained a single pound . . . So far so good . . .


Peek into my Painted LIfe – Life Imitates Art

Taking a painting class as well as life drawing.   Because of a class schedule mix-up, the class is oil PORTRAIT PAINTING – a bit more advanced than I am and I use acrylic paint which is a bit trickier for portraits.  Luckily the assignments are using photographs which are already reduced to 2 dimensions, making it a bit easier. 

The teacher, mercifully, explained that paintings go through ugly stages and with each layer of paint the image gets a bit more refined. 

It occurred to me that in life we go through ugly stages before we become more refined.  Like paintings we all have layers and layers of “stuff” beneath the surface of what others see. Here’s a Peek at mine (painting that is, not life):

He’s not quite finished . . . like life, the closer I look the more I find that needs changing, tweaking . . .  and like my hair . . . re-coloring . . .


Sneak a Peek – Cereal Box Art

Practice makes perfect . . . so they say . . . I’m practicing using just 3 colors burnt Umber, raw Siena and white.

Deflated Apple

These are all studies in value which is training my eye to see darks, lights and midtones.  It’s easier when using just one or two colors and right now I’m all for easier.

Plumped up Apple

The biggest problem using the back of food boxes is I have to eat the food first.

Art & Creativity for Healing – Painting Hope

Attended a painting workshop today at Art & Creativity for Healing a wonderful non-profit for which I helped facilitate workshops many years ago.  

Laurie Zagon the founder and creator of the Art4Healing® method has created a wonderful vehicle to express feelings using color.  It’s not about making “art” but about processing thoughts, feelings and experiences using paint.  Today’s workshop was “Painting Hope”.

The paintings are done very rapidly so that intuition rather than artistic skill is the focus.  And it’s hard to be skillful when make-up sponges and q-tips are used instead of brushes!

Here’s mine:#CreativeSprint


14 x 18 acrylic, Prayer of Hope

Please check out Art 4 Healing.orgTheir mission is to support emotional healing through art & creative expression for those living in pain, grief, fear or stress.

There are on-line video workshops available to everyone, anywhere.  Proceeds go towards providing free workshops to organizations such as wounded veterans, Children’s Hospital and woman’s shelters.

9 x 12 Acrylic, Painting Hope

9 x 12 Acrylic, Painting Hope

If you want to see my explanation of Prayer of Hope click here The HeART of Spirituality!

Always a full CIRCLE

Billowing smokescreens

round, round, around in our minds

obscuring what’s real

All is connected

round, round, around in our souls

encircled by love


Acrylic painting by moi

(poem with 2 “haiku verses”, Haiku Horizons’ prompt CIRCLE)

Haiku Horizons - prompt CIRCLE

Haiku Horizons – prompt CIRCLE

Year of the Fairy Tale – Vegetable Love

The Princess loves her pea
For without it
you see
She’d be like you and me.

Pea Love, cheap acrylic paint & cheap paper

Pea Love, cheap acrylic paint & cheap paper

Assignment was to do an illustration for The Princess & The Pea using a credit card as our “paint brush”.  The horizontal lines represent the mattresses and the big round green thing is a vegetable.

I started the illustration by smearing paint with a credit card over the entire paper:





The HEart of Spirituality Painting Group, Week 3

  1. Meditation Labyrinth homework – journey to center and back out as a doodle/color mediation
  2. Oil Pastel – pass around pictures,  each person adds their colors to each picture as it is passed around the table.  We talked about how we are all connected and all contribute to the whole.
  3. Acrylic painting – Focus this week was on the Spiritual Spiral ascending from the Ego = I to Soul = We.
Take a look and pay particular attention to the progression of each persons acrylic painting.  They are splenderific!

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

I don’t know why Judy but watching this slide show…has left me overwhelmed.. that feeling of connectedness..the magic of WE was reaching me too….


ah, connectedness;
this sheer magic of being ‘WE’
catches my ‘I’ unawares
reaching me beyond seven seas
as I sit awestruck
wondering and waiting
for all the light..

Ramesh Sood

The HEart of Spirituality, Week 1

Take a look at the incredible creative expressions by the participants in a 4-week The HEart of Spirituality GroupShop.  The first exercise “Creation” was using oil pastels on black paper.   The second was a process painting using acrylic paint on canvas board. (Unfortunately the brilliant oil pastel colors don’t show.  My camera setting wasn’t right for the lighting.)

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

Afterwards we processed each painting: How the elements of the paintings and the process of creating corresponds to and are metaphors for our lives.  It was a great group!

Incredible color! You can be Fearless too!

Those of you who have been following Max’s blog know that Max and I really like to share other people’s creative expression.

Every once in a while I stubble across an artist whose work inspires me.  I LOVE LOVE LOVE Therese’s use of color and particularly the portraits she paints.

AND take a look at Therese’s blog  Therese Lydia Joseph — she teaches art to children and there are examples of her lessons and the children’s artwork.  And if children’s work isn’t inspiring I don’t know what is.

AND she writes poetry!  Here’s  what she wrote about this painting:
Larger than Life

Boasting lightly – vim and vigour

Destined to be bold and bigger

Better than Bliss

Blooming brightly – free and fragrant

Rich and regal – somewhat vagrant

Softer than Silk

Blushing slightly – red and rosy

Crafted to be kind and cozy

Taller than Time

Budding tightly – bloom and blossom

Never wilting – always awesome

Painting & Poetry by Therese Lydia Joseph

Now!  Go splash some color into the world!

My Goal is to Get Adults to “Paint” Feelings like Children.

I set 3 rules for participants when I facilitate a Therapeutic Creative Expression workshop:

  1. There is no right or wrong way to express feelings with color.*
  2. There is no right or wrong way to express feelings with color.**
  3. There is no right or wrong way to express feelings with color.***
I am not looking for nor do I expect beautiful “art”.  
Take a look at examples of what I DO expect****

“It took me four years to paint like Raphael, but a lifetime to paint like a child.”

Pablo Picasso

* Exception to rule #1: No painting the walls

**Exception to rule #2:  No painting the carpet

***Exception to rule #3: No painting the facilitator.

****Every person in every workshop has exceeded my expectation.

Paintings from classes taught by Therese Lydia Joseph at

Dandelion Studios 

Take a look at Therese’s site – she’s a fabulous artist.  I love her use of color!

The Mask We Show to the World – In the Face of Pain

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A favorite Therapeutic Creative Expression exercise is mask painting – whether it is on an actual mask or on a 2-dimensional outline

I have participants paint or collage the inside and the outside of their mask representing in color, symbol, design how they experience


what they present to the outside world and what they experience on the inside that no one can see.

There is a worksheet on the TUTORIAL PAGE – click on TUTORIALS in the header and scroll down – that helps PROCESS the exercise.  The processing is as important as creating the mask.

The green mask is the only one that is collaged using torn pieces of magazine as “color”.  All the rest are painted with acrylic paint or drawn on with crayon.

I have three masks hanging in my office waiting room.  I find all the masks beautiful, each in their own way.  

Even if you don’t draw/paint or collage your mask imagine it in your mind’s eye and do the worksheet.

I would love to know what your vision is.