Anteater Diet for Weight & Job Loss

Sharon,  a dear friend went on a job interview.  One of the questions was “If you were an animal, what would you be?” 

(Sounds like the job sector is borrowing from psychological projections!)

She answered a giraffe.  It seemed a good answer to her.  Sharon has a long neck, is tall, moves gracefully and she loves the beauty of the giraffe’s coat. (I might add: As the tallest of all land-living animal species it is literally “heads above all the rest of the candidates)  Her interviewers seemed to really like her answer.

If you are a man, however, interviewing for a job, pick another animal.

The giraffe’s fur also works as a chemical defence, and is full of antibiotics and parasite repellents which gives the animal a “characteristic” scent. Old males are sometimes nicknamed “stink bulls”.

When Sharon asked me what my animal would be the first thing that popped into my mind was ANTEATER.

Here’s the note she wrote me — brought a huge smile to my face and a bigger question about my psyche!

“Dear Judy,

I took a break from my paperwork today and did a little research on anteaters.  From the information I read, it doesn’t seem like a fit for you!  They are very solitary animals with long, thin heads, they eat over 30,000 ants and termites daily, they have no teeth, and they have sticky tongues that they can flick 160 times a minute.  They have pointy bodies on both ends, a bushy tail, and poor eyesight.

If you were ever to go on a job interview and they asked you what animal best described you and you told then an anteater, you would more than likely not be called back for a second interview!”   Sharon.

It’s a good thing I’m my own boss.

In case English is not your native tongue, here’s translations:

(I am happy to know I date back to the Egyptian Empire.)

Language Translation for Anteater
Afrikaans miervreter
Catalan ós formiguer
Croatian mravojed
Czech mraveneèník
Danish stor myresluger
Dutch reuzenmiereneter
English giant anteater
Esperanto formikman^ulo
Farsi moorcheh kaar
Finnish iso muurahaiskarhu
French grand fourmilier
Gaelic eeder sniengan
German Großer Ameisenbär
Greek mirmigofagos

What Animal would YOU be?


Dear all my best Friends,

It’s about time! My human finally is giving me my due. CreativitytotheMAX has not been living up to its name. MAX, that’s ME!  It’s not CreativitytotheJudy for barking-out-loud!

It’s only fitting that I have my picture on the Header, it’s only appropriate that I have my “Welcome!” on the top of the side-bar, it’s only FAIR that I not be relegated to a secondary “page”.

Most of you don’t know but I’ve had my own Newsletter – “. . .totheMAX” for many years.  It has been enjoyed by many of my best friends and has received some degree of notoriety.  I’ve not had the opportunity to send it out for many months as my Human has been very lax in learning how to get my e-mail list of best friends working so that I can resume publishing.

So that my Human doesn’t pout I will tell you that her last workshops were well received.  Again, I wasn’t allowed to attend but  I do feel the need to respond to some of my best friends who wrote about their experience so they don’t feel slighted.

Finding Purpose workshop:

“As Usual, you are an inspiration to me to keep on going . . .My experience was informative, imaginative, Enlightening”
Dear Margo,
Where are you going?  I love walks

“I loved it and it helped me to realize there are more possibilities”
Dear Fariba
There are even more possibilities if you take me for a walk too.

Journaling Workshop:

“I enjoyed it all.  This is addicting and I learned to express myself thru color and simple pictures rather than words.  Thank You!”
Valerie D.
Dear Valerie,
Walking is addicting too and I can teach you how to express yourself through tail wagging and ear position rather than color and pictures.  Let me know when.

“The interaction with the other ladies was fun and interesting.  I like being able to make a mess – to use paint and have fun.”
Marilyn P.
My Dear Marilyn,
My HUMAN LET YOU MAKE A MESS and HAVE FUN.  Let me tell you that if you make a mess regularly around her it isn’t fun.

P.S.  I suspect my Human is letting me write this post because she didn’t lose a single pound this week . . .

Max Message, by Max

Roses are red

I am  blue

Send me comments

I miss you!

Dear all my best friends,

My human Judy has been too busy to send my newsletter the MaxEzine. It’s very upsetting because I wrote it 2 months ago which is a very long time in Dog years.  So I’ve taken matters into my own paws to let you know what I’ve been up to.  (I know that the proper way to phrase that is “. . .to let you know to what I’ve been up”)

My typical day which is just about every day:

I lay around a lot.   I’m much too social to play alone. TV bores me and I’m not allowed to watch Animal Planet anymore because my Humans think it’s too violent.  So I lay around waiting, mostly for meal time.

I  watch rabbits.  I’m not allowed out to chase them which is very frustrating. The rabbits want a fun game of chase because they  look back at me before they show me how they run.  My Humans don’t think “chase” is fun and tell me to be quiet. They are spoil sports (don’t tell them I said that)

I eat twice a day which is not fair.  I see my Human Judy eating all the time.

I chase lizards.  I almost caught one but my Human Judy tried to play chase too and drove it away.  She’s not very athletic.

Well, that’s about it.  The other things I do I’d rather not talk about.

Lickingly yours LLLLLLLLLLLL,


P.S.  E-mail to sign up for my MaxEzine. Maybe if she sees how popular I am she’ll send it out. You can also  sign up for my MaxEzine on my web-site

Me, laying around