Bring in the New, Blow out the Old


After reading this post wash your hands, take a shower, disinfect your computer and stay away from crowds as you may have caught my cold.

I just realized it’s December 31st, having spent the last 8 days doing nothing but sleeping, watching Hallmark movies that always end in a kiss ‘n bliss while blowing, snorting, coughing and kvetching.

The good news is I don’t have the flu.  (I know it’s the flu when I feel pain as the hair grows on my head and my fingernails ache.)  This is a cold, albeit if there is a hell it’s from the nether regions.  Every orifice in my being is clogged including my bronchial tubes which periodically go into spasm trying to clear themselves of the invading species.

If she thinks she has problems . . . try having a cold when you’re a member of our family

The other good news: My body is working as it was meant to – surrounding the invaders with fluid and trying to expel them from my being.  However, I’d think with all the technological and scientific advances Mr Dyson could have perfected a vacuum to sweep my body clean of debris.  

HEALTHY 2018 to ALL!! (Happy and Wealthy are currently second choices)

For a New Year’s Pome Wish check out

What! She missed Christmas?!!!!

Merry Christmas pome from the “Merry Maid”

 For “merry maids” it’s our thing

cookies bake, timers ring

tis the season

for unreason

 good eats and tasty treats

Inhale the sugar and the fat

We eat for Christmas cheer

 Cuz opportunity like that 

comes around but once a year


(I always dress appropriately when I bake)

". . .  she still believes in Santa too . . .  Merry Christmas to all and to all a good night"
“delusional . . . she still believes in Santa too . . .
Merry Christmas to all and to all a good night”