Man’s Best Friend LimERICKs

LimERICK by Rick

Dogs are incredibly likeable creatures
with many commendable features.
They sniff and they lick
and rarely get sick
whether named Freddie or Duffy or Peaches.

(couldn’t find a name to rhyme with features)

Duffy, Ozzie and
Duffy, Ozzie . . .  and  . . .  Peaches?

*     *     *

LimeRick by Freddie

There once was a dog named Freddie

he sleeps a lot in his beddie

never wears clothes

checks you out with his nose

much more cuddly than any teddie

Freddie Parker Westerfield

Freddie Parker Westerfield


A judy Journey – a Wacky Wick* Bit


“Absurdly or amusingly eccentric or irrational”

Day 3 of honoring Rick’s birthday season (birthday season rules)

When Rick and I were growing up (childhood pictures of Rick & me) my favorite fun game was to make him get on all fours on the floor while I would stand over him squeezing his neck between my ankles and rock back and forth.  Mom just didn’t understand how much fun it was and would yell at me, “Stop!!! You’re going to break his neck!”

I never broke his neck but . . .

. . . Wick’s* wittle brain wrattling around in his head may be the reason for some of his “amusingly eccentric” attempts to heal childhood trauma.  Cases in point:

Rick as the Headless Horseman

Rick as a Clown, trying to prove he doesn’t have brain damage and is a fun guy. 

Rick is a Headless Horseman (remembrances of our head rocking game)

Rick as a Headless Horseman (flashback of our head rocking game) and Sheila trying to pretend it’s ok he has no head.

Rick, as the pirate - trying for sympathy, arrrgh

Rick, as a pirate – expressing pent-up hostility from childhood trauma, arrrgh

All I can say is it’s a good thing I’m a psychotherapist . . . he needs my help.

*Wick = Rick 

P.S. PLEASE do not show these pictures to anyone because Rick is a respected realtor in Denver.

When You are 92 years old . . .

Just the kind of inspiration I needed today!

My brother Rick sent this to me.  It’s been sitting unopened in my in-box (along with about 2000 other e-mails!).

I don’t know if Rick remembers that when he was about 5 and I was 10 we both took tap dancing lessons.  He was pretty cute.

I can still do the shuffle hop step, shuffle ball change and hop shuffle, hop shuffle, hop shuffle, jump  (I leave out the jump!)

Rick, here’s to 30 more years of tapping!  (We’d better sign up for lessons with Nana Louise)

P.S.  Rick is a realtor in Denver, Colorado.  

Please contact him to buy or sell your house.  

He will use the money he earns to pay for our tap lessons.

 (This message is Not approved, solicited nor expected by

Rick Yerman (702) 982-8461,