My Sketchy Life – wonky, wacky & wobbly

Ten days into walking like a drunken sailor without the drink or the sailing.  My husband drove me to art class.  It was nice to get out of the house.  The vertigo is much better but I’m still a bit wobbly.

At first, looking back and forth from the model to the drawing pad was a bit disorienting and I was very tired after class – probably because my brain was working hard to compensate.

The focus for this session was using brown wrapping paper, black and white charcoal.




"Food for thought . . . "

“Wobbly is the least of her worries . . . She’s always been wonky & wacky . . . “


Dizzy blond and I ain’t even blond

Friday: Spent all day and evening in the ER.  I was EXTREMELY light-heading, threw up, missed my art class and spent 24 hours in bed thinking I’d feel fine in the morning . . . WRONG.  

Saturday: In the morning the  room was moving and I wasn’t. Every time I moved I threw up and there was nothing to throw-up since I hadn’t eaten anything (You have probably created a nasty picture in your mind . . .  just make it even nastier).  


Pencil sketch

The ER was even more fun.  Throwing up,  drawing blood, 2 CT scans (to make sure it wasn’t a stroke . . . it wasn’t) and finally, after 4 different anti-nausea medications and drips, I stopped throwing up. 

Sunday: I’m still dizzy and have to hold on to things to walk (it’s a bit wonky to type) but the good news, the GREAT news, is I’ve not thrown up.  The bad news is I’m still dizzy . . .  and  grey-haired.

"Such drama . ."

“If she thinks walking is hard she should try swinging from trees . .”

To my friends and acquaintances who suffer with Ménière’s disease. . . I have new compassion for you!

P.S.  For those of you I confused . .  I don’t have Menieres just plain Ditzy.




Mr Notgoodenuf Shows His Face

Mr Notgoodenuf

Bloodshot eyes, green nose

Don’t let him step on your toes 

It hurts, heaven knows

On the tutorial page (which I will be redoing to make it more “user friendly”) there is an exercise on drawing your own inner critic.  Here’s a fantabulous picture that Wendy Holcomb drew of her inner critic, Mr Notgoodenuf, which I “stole” from her blog . . .CreateToHeal

Wendy has Meniere’s Disease (among many other things) and is having major surgery to help her vertigo GO. It’s on December 1st.  She had the same surgery on her other ear and it helped so keep your toes crossed.

Please keep her in your thoughts and prayers for

a successful surgery and speedy recovery.

Read about Meniere’s Disease, Wendy and her upcoming surgery on

Picnic with Ants.

P.S. To Wendy:  Don’t do Mr Goodenough in!  He might be there to help you but he’s just been doing it in the wrong way.  Talk to him and let him know how he can be helpful and maybe he’ll change his name!  I see it happening every day!  Anyone that colorful has potential.